Eloise at Christmastime

Eloise at Christmastime


Eloise at Christmastime was released in 2003.  The main stars are Sophia Vassilieva as Eloise, Julie Andrews as Eloise’s nanny who goes by Nanny, Jeffrey Tambor as Mr. Salomone who works at the Plaza,  Christine Baranski as Prunella Stickler who is the event organizer for the Plaza, Gavin Creel as Bill who works as the hotel and is one of Eloise’s best friends, Sarah Topham as Rachel who is the daughter of the Plaza’s owner and Bill’s long lost love, and Rick Roberts as Brooks who is Rachel’s fiancé.


Eloise lives in the Plaza with her Nanny.  Her mother travels and they don’t mention her father.  During the time of this movie, her mother is in Paris.  Eloise uses the Plaza as her own personal playground and the residents and staff are merely characters in her imaginative world.  Her life is a series of constant adventures.


One main focus for Eloise is Bill and Rachel.  She adores Bill and takes and immediate liking to Rachel, as well as an immediate dislike to her fiancé, Brooks.  She wants to stop the wedding, get rid of Brooks and get Bill and Rachel back together.


Another is Mrs. Thornton, another Plaza resident, who gives Eloise a very hard time.  Eloise finds out Mrs. Thornton is going to be evicted and is having problems.  We see Eloise’s heart when she goes out of her way to help Mrs. Thornton.


A third is Nanny.  Eloise realizes that Sir Wilkes has a romantic interest in Nanny and uses her plotting to try to bring them together.


Of course, a main focus is Christmas.  Eloise has a very long Christmas list.  What’s special is she also has a very long list of gifts to get for people.  There’s also decorating to do in their suite.


Julie Andrews is amazing as Nanny and Sophia makes a perfect Eloise.  There are so many adventures and so much fun.  This movie is great for families and kids of all ages.  Let me know what you think.  Happy watching!



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