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Christmas Under The Sea (2020)

Rated: NR

Genres: Animation, Fantasy

Synopsis: Christmas is just around the corner and Brie, the little starfish who stands proudly on Bubbletown's Christmas tree every year, is missing. Enter mystery-solving police inspector McToothy the shark and his tag-along helper Happy Henry the tiny crab who are determined to solve the riddle of the missing Christmas starfish.

Review: This is a story for children but I actually found it somewhat entertaining.  I particularly enjoyed the two who are going around town asking everyone what their favorite holiday is.  Each character answers with a different holiday, many of which younger children may not be familiar with.  This would be a good family watch.

Scoring: 3

Christmas Under The Stars (2019)

Rated: G

Genres: Romance

Starring: Autumn Reeser and Jesse Metcalf

Synopsis: Nick takes a gig at a tree lot, where he meets Julie and her son, Matt.

Review: This movie really took me by surprise.  I wasn’t expecting any chemistry between Reeser and Metcalf but they worked.  The little boy was as wonderful as the children always are.  The part that really got me was the character of Clem.  He was so kind and loving, he really made the movie complete and magical.  I didn’t need tissues but I came close.  This movie is so moving and filled with Christmas spirit.  All the trees didn’t hurt either.  Don’t miss this one.

Scoring: 4

Christmas Under Wraps (2014)
Rated: G
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Starring: Candace Cameron Bure, David O’Donnell, Robert Pine, and Brian Doyle-Murray
Synopsis: When a doctor doesn't get the position she wanted, she ends up moving to a remote Alaskan town. She unexpectedly ends up finding love, happiness and discovers that the small town is hiding a big holiday secret.
Review:  Like all Candace Cameron Bure Hallmark movies, this one is wonderful. (Spoiler alert) I love that they never tell if it’s the real North Pole and Santa. Seeing her go back and forth between what she’s always expected and what she never knew she wanted keeps you guessing. All the characters are so likable. 
Scoring: 5

Christmas Unleashed (2019)

Rated: G

Genre: Romance

Starring: Vanessa Lachey and Christopher Russell

Synopsis: A missing dog leads exes Becca and Max on a search that brings back fond memories of Christmas pasts that they spent together.

Review: I found the flashback format refreshing and not at all confusing.  It helps the story slowly unfold.  I just wish they had let us know the characters a little more individually before sharing their story as a couple.  They glossed over some details that could’ve brought more heart to it but it was enjoyable.

Scoring: 3

Christmas Unwrapped (2020)

Rated: G

Genres: Drama, Romance

Starring: Amber Stevens West, Marco Grazzini, and Cheryl Ladd

Synopsis: An ambitious reporter learns the true meaning of Christmas when she investigates Erik Gallagher, a beloved member of the town who insists all the gifts he provides are from none-other than Santa himself.

Review: I really loved this movie.  There’s something as magical as Santa himself.  It starts out seeming to be a standard romantic comedy but there are twists and turns.  I can’t wait to watch it again.

Scoring: 5

A Christmas Village (2018)

Rated: G

Genres: Comedy, Family, Romance

Starring: Madeline Leon and Neil Paterson

Synopsis: Piper agrees to work for the owner of a failing Santa’s Village.

Review: It’s low budget, it’s corny, the acting is so-so, and there’s not much to enjoy yet I still did.  I liked the relationship between the sisters, the children, and the hint of Santa magic.  It starts slowly and doesn’t really pick up speed but I enjoyed it.  I didn’t enjoy it enough to watch again, though.

Scoring: 2.5

A Christmas Visitor (2002)
Rated: PG
Genres: Drama, Family, Fantasy, Religion
Starring: William Devane, Meredith Baxter, Reagan Pasternak, Dean McDermott, and Aaron Ashmore
Synopsis: Grieving over a son’s death in the Gulf War, the family meets a stranger who rekindles the holiday spirit. 
Review:  While there is sadness around the loss of a child and the possible illness of another, this movie conveys hope and love. The addition of their magical visitor had me reaching for the tissues. It’s very moving and uplifting. 
Scoring: 5

Christmas vs. The Walters (2021)

Rated: PG-13

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Family

Starring: Shawnee Smith, Dean Winters, Betsy Beutler, Chris Elliott, Paris Bravo, Bruce Dern, Caroline Aaron, and Richard Thomas

Synopsis: Diane Walters, an over-burdened mother of two with a third child on the way, strives to create the perfect Christmas while her loving but dysfunctional family falls apart around her.

Review: I truly enjoyed this movie.  It has characters that we can relate to who, even in their worst moments, are likable.  It shows the complex family relationships while maintaining humor.  The HOA president, with his complete lack of boundaries, and the doctor who is more than a little quirky, played brilliantly by Chris Elliott, add extra layers of comedy to the movie. Anyone who has felt the stress of Christmas will completely get Diane.   As an added bonus, the scenery and Christmas decorations are absolutely stunning.