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Best Christmas Ball Ever! (2019)

Rated: G

Genres: Drama, Romance

Starring: Elisabeth Harnois, Samuel Hunt, and Christian Oliver

Synopsis: After a surprising breakup at home in Chicago, Amy thinks that a change of scenery will do her well and impulsively decides to spend the holidays with her brother in Vienna.

Review: The music alone made this movie enjoyable. The love story, with the obvious misunderstanding, still felt fresh. The dancing was an added touch. Seeing Amy and Lucas begin to open up again and enjoy the holidays was done with a festive touch. Adding the message of the importance of family was a bonus. 

Scoring: 3

Best Christmas Party Ever (2014)
Rated: G
Genres: Drama, Family, Romance
Starring: Torrey DeVitto and Steve Lund
Synopsis: Jennie is expecting to take over the party planning business she works for until the nephew of her boss shows up. They have different styles and butt heads but have to work together to plan a Christmas party for needy children.
Review: Jennie’s disappointment when she finds out she isn’t taking over the company as well as her frustration that she must work with her boss’s nephew is so relatable. Their different styles and butting heads keep it fresh. I particularly liked seeing people who disagree but handle it with kindness and respect. Their

imaginations as they plan parties is amazing. Despite their tensions, the story makes them both likable. I really enjoyed watching their journey.

Scoring: 4

The Best Man Holiday (2013)

Rated:  R

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Starring: Monica Calhoun, Morris Chestnut, Nia Long, Taye Diggs, Terence Howard, Melissa De Sousa, Sanaa Latham, Regina Hall, Harold Perrineau, and Eddie Cibrian

Synopsis: When college friends reunite after 15 years over the Christmas holidays, they discover just how easy it is for long-forgotten rivalries and romances to be reignited.

Review:  This sequel to The Best Man is an amazing movie. The relationships are layered and complex. The feeling of family and friendship is palpable. Pay attention to the opening if you didn’t see the first one to understand who everyone is and how they’re related. It's truly moving.  Have the tissues ready.

Scoring: 4


Beverly Hills Christmas (2015)

Rated: PG

Genres: Drama, Family, Fantasy

Starring: Donna Spangler

Synopsis: With help from a guardian angel, a spoiled rich, very material teenage girl learns that true value is found in assisting others and not in material things.

Review:  The story, while not original, was nice. Unfortunately, the acting was so horrible it was awful to watch.  I truly had to force myself to sit through it begging it to get better.  It didn't.  Definitely one to miss.

Scoring: 1


Beyond Tomorrow (1940)

Rated: NR

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Starring: Harry Carey

Synopsis: The ghosts of three elderly industrialists killed in an airplane crash return to Earth to help reunite a young couple whom they initially brought together.

Review:  The movie is a little slower, as many of that time were, but if you enjoy classics you won’t mind. Honestly, every time a ghost was on screen, I marveled at how they did it so well so long ago. It’s a lovely stroll through time with the music, costumes, and expressions. The messages sometimes blur but it’s a nice film. 

Scoring: 3


The Bishop’s Wife (1947)

Rated: PG

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Religion, Romance

Starring: Cary Grant, Loretta Young, and David Niven

Synopsis: An angel in human form enters the life of a bishop in order to help him build a new cathedral and repair his fractured marriage.

Review:  A lovely story with an angel reminding everyone about the importance of the values Christmas represents. The actors make the movie truly special.  A heartwarming story for the whole family.

Scoring: 4


Blizzard (2003)

Rated:  G

Genres: Comedy, Family, Fantasy

Starring: Brenda Blethlyn, Whoopi Goldberg, Christopher Plummer, and Kevin Pollak

Synopsis: A young girl's aunt tells her the tale of a young ice skater and an enchanted reindeer.

Review:  I watch this every year. It’s magical and charming and appeals to all ages. It’s a story about true friendship, coping with loss, and dealing with change.  It moves fluidly through drama and fantasy.  It even has talking reindeer. 

Scoring: 4


A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas (2019)

Rated: G

Genres: Family, Romance

Starring: Benjamin Ayres and Rachel Leigh Cook

Synopsis: Hotel manager Willow returns to her stunning Virginia hometown to help her sister plan a Christmas wedding at the inn her family once owned. She must work with current owner and single dad David, who wants to let go of the past.

Review: I figured this would be a standard Christmas wedding movie.  I was wrong.  It shared the message of dealing with loss and how the past affects our present and future.  I loved the little girl and all the characters.  It’s got the typical feel and pace of a Hallmark movie but it threw a curve ball.  I wasn’t quite sure how it would end and once I thought I had I wasn’t sure how they’d get there.

Scoring: 3

Bob’s Broken Sleigh (2015)

Rated: NR

Genres: Adventure, Animation, Fantasy

Starring: Cole Howard and Victor Garber

Synopsis: This Christmas movie a young magic-less elf named Bob, who finds himself on a wild sleigh ride after being ambushed by the evil puffin Fishface. Stranded in the middle of a magical forest, it's up to him and the friends he makes along the way to bring the sleigh back home in time for Christmas - if the puffins don't get it first!

Review:  I found this movie to be fairly boring.   I think it would be good for young children but it’s not enough for adults.  The story feels recycled and I couldn’t wait for it to end.

Scoring: 1

The Borrowed Christmas (2014)

Rated: NR

Genre: Family

Starring: Sherry Morris and Jeff Rose

Synopsis: John Dale has everything. Money, notoriety, the biggest house in town. But what he really wants, is a good, old fashion Christmas. With no family in town, John turns to the local "Rent-All" store and Anne Weston. Anne's store is struggling, and in an attempt to save the shop, she takes on this unusual order, from this unusual man. She goes about trying to fill the order, but ends up filling a need much greater.

Review: This is the definition of a B movie.  The acting, scenery, and some of the writing and poor.  This story, however, had the possibility of becoming a beautifully moving film.  If you can sit through the bad and try to focus on the story you may enjoy this.  I found it difficult to do.

Scoring: 2

Borrowed Hearts (1997)
Rated: PG
Genres: Drama, Family, Fantasy, Religion, Romance
Starring: Roma Downey, Eric McCormack, and Hector Elizondo
Synopsis: Kathleen's a hard-working single mother, who's saving to buy a house for herself and her daughter, Zoe. Sam is a businessman who has to pretend he has a family in order to close a deal with the mysterious Javier Del Campo. Sam owns the company that Kathleen works for, and as her boss, manages to convince her to help him out. But Del Campo is more than he seems, and it just might be Zoe who's making the real deal to get a new home for herself, her mother, and Sam.
Review:  Another one of my favorites that I watch every year. I delight in seeing Sam warm up to Kathleen and Zoe and begin to embrace Christmas. I especially enjoy the magical element of an angel guiding them.  The casting was perfect and they make the movie come to life.
Scoring: 5
A Boyfriend For Christmas (2004)
Rated: G
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance
Starring: Kelli Williams, Patrick Muldoon, and Charles Durning
Synopsis: A strangely familiar man may be the answer to a 33-year-old woman’s long ago wish for true love. 
Review: This movie is one of my all time favorites. It’s sweet and charming. Watching Holly and Ryan follow their paths to each other with the help of Santa is delightful.  The supporting characters add extra dimension and interest.  Williams and Muldoon have amazing chemistry and truly bring their characters to life.
Scoring: 5
A Bramble House Christmas (2017)
Rated: G
Genres: Drama, Family, Romance
Starring: Autumn Reeser, David Haydn-Jones, and Teryl Rothery
Synopsis: While settling his father’s estate, a man becomes suspicious as to why the man left his nurse money in his will after knowing her less than two months before he died. 
Review:  At first, I worried that Finn trying to stop Willa from getting her inheritance would ruin the movie. Luckily, I was wrong. The secrets slowly unfold with beautiful stories and relationships. It's a place I'd love to visit and the movie transports you there.
Scoring: 4
A Bride for Christmas (2012)
Rated: G
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Starring: Arielle Kebbel and Andrew Walker
Synopsis: Aiden bets his friends he can convince a woman to marry him by Christmas, and he sets his sights on Jessie, a young woman who has sworn off serious relationships. 
Review:  It’s an enjoyable ride watching two people afraid of commitment as they fall for each other. The movie is light and easy to watch with plenty of laughs along the way. Kebbel makes Jessie fun and lively while Walker makes Aiden sincere and likable, despite his trying to trick Jessie.
Scoring: 4
Broadcasting Christmas (2016)
Rated: G
Genres: Drama, Family, Romance
Starring: Melissa Joan Hart, Dean Cain, Cynthia Gibb, and Jackée Harris
Synopsis: Two news broadcasters, who previously were in love, fight for a position as a morning talk show host that they both want, ultimately finding what made them like each other so much in the first place.
Review:  Delightful movie. It highlights relationships and traditions. While competing, their behavior wasn’t hateful so it made for a pleasant viewing. I enjoyed the story of the fruitcake and learning their history. 
Scoring: 3

A Bulldog For Christmas (2013)

Rated: NR

Genres: Comedy, Family

Starring: Marylee Osborne

Synopsis: On Christmas Vacation a cynical college student is magically transformed into a bulldog until she learns the meaning of her family and the Christmas spirit.

Review: There are no words for how bad this movie is.  Amateurish, badly directed, and even worse acting make this excruciating to sit through.  The father was possibly the worst actor.  Please do yourself a favor and don’t even try this one.

Scoring: 1

Buster And Chauncey’s Silent Night (1998)

Rated: G

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Family, Musical

Starring: Phil Hartman, Jim Cummings, Tom Arnold, and Marie Osmond

Synopsis: Two 19th-century Austrian mice evade a voracious cat, aid a kidnapped orphan and help create a holiday classic. 

Review:  This is a movie I think kids will love. There’s a playfulness and special quality to their friendship. It’s also a movie that adults will be able to watch with their children but may not like for themselves. 

Scoring: 3


By God’s Grace (2014)

Rated: NR

Genres: Drama, Family, Religion

Starring: Cameron Deane Stewart and Savannah McReynolds

Synopsis: In the tradition of a classic "A Christmas Carol," this film offers many lessons on the importance of giving and the cause and effect our choices have on others.

Review:  I like the messages of giving to others and how each of our actions affect others.  The family teaching their children the value of giving and being active in the children’s home is something we could all learn from.  I had trouble with the character of Chris being an adult and looking 14.  Much of the movie felt overacted and overly dramatic.  The story would have had more impact with some subtlety.  I also see the comparison to A Christmas Carol in his looking back at his life but that’s it.  It’s a good message but I found it difficult to sit through.

Scoring: 2