I've done my best to make a comprehensive list of Halloween movies for you. 

If you notice any errors or know of any movies to add, please let me know.  Enjoy!

Friday 10/1

5 pm-The Addams Family  (Freeform)

7 pm-Addams Family Values (Freeform)

9 pm-Hocus Pocus (Freeform)

Saturday 10/2

6:55 pm-Monsters Inc. (Freeform)

9 pm-Monsters University (Freeform)

Sunday 10/3

6:45 pm-Maleficent (Freeform)

8:50 pm-Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Monday 10/4

8:30 pm-Fright Night (Freeform)

Tuesday 10/5

9 pm-Hocus Pocus (Freeform)

Wednesday 10/6

6:30 pm-Corpse Bride (Freeform)

Thursday 10/7

6 pm-Ghostbusters (Freeform)

8:30 pm-Ghostbusters II (Freeform)

Friday 10/8

Saturday 10/9

7:40 pm-Hocus Pocus (Freeform)

Sunday 10/10

7:40 pm-The Addams Family (Freeform)

9:45 pm-Addams Family Values (Freeform)

Monday 10/11

5:05 pm-Alien (Freeform)

7:45 pm-Aliens (Freeform)

Tuesday 10/12


6:30 pm-The Nightmare Before Christmas (Freeform)

Wednesday 10/13

Thursday 10/14

8:50 pm-Hocus Pocus (Freeform)

Friday 10/15

Saturday 10/16

7:15 pm-Hocus Pocus (Freeform)

9:25 pm-Maleficent  (Freeform)

Sunday 10/17

7:20 pm-Hotel Transylvania 2 (Freeform)

9:25 pm-Hotel Transylvania 3 (Freeform)

Monday 10/18

8:30 pm-Casper (Freeform)

Tuesday 10/19

6:50 pm-Men In Black (Freeform)

9 pm-Men In Black II (Freeform)

Wednesday 10/20

Thursday 10/21

9 pm-Maleficent (Freeform)

Friday 10/22

Saturday 10/23

4 pm-Halloweentown (Freeform)

6:05 pm-Hocus Pocus (Freeform)

8:15 pm-Ghostbusters (Freeform)

Sunday 10/24

8:45 pm-Hocus Pocus (Freeform)

Monday 10/25

Tuesday 10/26

9 pm-Maleficent (Freeform)

Wednesday 10/27

Thursday 10/28

6:30 PM-The Craft (Freeform)

9 pm-Hocus Pocus (Freeform)

Friday 10/29

Saturday 10/30

7:10 pm-The Nightmare Before Christmas (Freeform)

8:50 pm-Hocus Pocus (Freeform)

Sunday 10/31

4:45 pm-Casper (Freeform)

7:15 pm-Maleficent (Freeform)

9:20 pm-Hocus Pocus (Freeform)


Starting 10/1

LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales (Disney+)

Starting 10/5

Escape The Undertaker (Netflix)

Starting 10/6

There's Someone Inside Your House (Netflix)

Night Of The Living Deb (Amazon)

Starting 10/8

Muppets Haunted Mansion (Disney+)

Starting 10/11

The Strangers: Prey At Night (Amazon)

Starting 10/13

Fever Dream (Netflix)

Starting 10/20

Night Teeth (Netflix)

Starting 10/27

Hypnotic (Netflix)




1922 (Netflix)

Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, The (Disney+)

All Hallows' Eve (Tubi)

American Werewolf In Paris, An (Amazon)

Amityville Horror, The (Amazon)

Annabelle: Creation (HBO Max)

Arthur And The Haunted Tree House (Amazon)

Babysitter's Guide To Monster Hunting, A (Netflix)

Behind You (Hulu)

Blippi and Friends Halloween Special (Amazon)

Boy Who Cried Werewolf, The (Netflix)

Candyman: Farewell To The Flesh (Amazon)

Captain Underpants Hack-A-Ween (Netflix)

Carrie (Amazon)

Carved (Hulu)

Casper And Wendy (Tubi)

Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About Halloween, The (Tubi)

Child's Play (Amazon) (Hulu)

Conjuring 2, The (Netflix)

Conjuring, The (Netflix) (HBO Max)

Craft, The (HBO Max)

Curse of Chucky (Amazon)

Dave Of The Dead (Tubi)

Deadly Blessing (Amazon)

Death Note (Netflix)

Don't Look Under The Bed (Disney+)

Empty Man, The (HBO Max)

Evil Dead 2 (HBO Max)

Fear Street (Netflix)

Fear Street Part Two (Netflix)

Frankenweenie (Disney+)

Freaky (HBO Max)

Freddy Vs. Jason (HBO Max)

Friday the 13th (HBO Max)

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (Hulu)

Get Haunted: Halloween Party (Amazon)

Ghost Patrol (Netflix)

Girl Vs. Monster (Disney+)

Good Witch (Netflix)

Halloween (Hulu)

Halloween Dance (Tubi)

Halloween Dragon, The (Tubi)

Halloween Family, The (Tubi)

Halloweentown (Disney+)

Halloweentown High (Disney+)

Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge (Disney+)

Haunted Mansion, The (Disney+)

Haunted Transylvania (Tubi)

Haunted Transylvania 2 (Amazon) (Tubi)

Haunted Transylvania 3 (Tubi)

Hell Fest (Netflix)

Hocus Pocus (Disney+)

House October Built, The (Hulu)

House Of The Witch (Netflix)

House On Haunted Hill (Amazon)

Hubie Halloween (Netflix)

Hunt, The (HBO Max)

Insidious (Netflix)

It (HBO Max)

Jeepers Creepers (Amazon)

Liar, Liar, Vampire (Netflix)

Lil Monsters (Tubi)

Lil Monsters 2 (Tubi)

Lippy (Hulu)

Little Monsters (Netflix)

Little Vampire, The (Netflix)

Midnight Mascarade (Hallmark Movies Now)

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children (Disney+)

Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire (Disney+)

Monster Class: Halloween (Tubi)

Monster High: Ghoul's Rule (Tubi)

Monster House (Netflix)

Monster Island (Netflix)

Monster Squad, The (Amazon)

Mr. Boogedy (Disney+)

Mummy, I'm A Zombie (Amazon)

Night Before Halloween, The (Hulu)

Nightbooks (Netflix)

Nightmare Before Christmas, The (Disney+)

Nightmare on Elm Street, A (HBO Max)

Nightmare on Elm Street 2, A (HBO Max)

Nightmare on Elm Street 3 (HBO Max)

No One Gets Out Alive (Netflix)

Nobody Sleeps In The Woods Tonight (Netflix)

Open House, The (Netflix)

Ouija: Origin of Evil (HBO Max)

Pac's Scary Halloween (Netflix)

ParaNorman (Netflix)

Phantom Of The Megaplex (Disney+)

Poltergeist III (Amazon)

Rage, The: Carrie 2 (Amazon)

Raven, The (Amazon)

Return of the Living Dead (HBO Max)

Return to Halloweentown (Disney+)

Satan's Little Helper (Amazon)

Scream (Netflix) (HBO Max)

Scream 2 (HBO Max)

Scream Team, The (Disney+)

Shining, The (HBO Max)

Spiderwick Chronicles, The (Netflix)

Spookley The Square Pumpkin (Netflix)

Steve And Maggie's Haunted Halloween Special (Amazon)

Steve And Maggie's Spooktacular Special (Amazon)

Super Simple Show Halloween, The (Tubi)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre II (Amazon) (HBO Max)

Thirteen Ghosts (HBO Max)

Trick (Hulu)

Trick Or Treat (HBO Max)

Twitches (Disney+)

Twitches II (Disney+)

Uncanny Annie (Hulu)

Vampires Vs. The Bronx (Netflix)

Witches' Ball, A (Netflix)

Witch's Night Out (Tubi)

ZOMBIES (Disney+)


Zombies of Mass Destruction (Amazon)