The Sons of Mistletoe

“The Sons of Mistletoe” was released in 2001.  It stars Roma Downey, George Newbern, and Doris Roberts.


This movie is about Helen Radke, played by Roma Downey.  Her father owned Radke’s Department Store.  Sadly, they were estranged.  Because of this, when her father dies, Helen goes to the town where her father lived in order to sell off the store and property he left her in order to just be done with it.



This movie is also about Jimmy Adams who runs a foster home for boys.  Mr. Radke allowed them to use one of his homes and gave them money every year to run the home.  This causes their paths to cross.


To read my review click here.   I want to warn you this blog entry contains spoilers.


This movie is yet another one of my all-time favorites.  I watch it every year.  The boys are so endearing and each of the characters is so interesting.


At the very beginning of the movie we see Jimmy typing a letter to Helen asking for their annual donation and Helen meeting with gentlemen from New York who are going to buy the department store.  This is also where we meet Wylie Armstrong, a troubled boy who was being raised by a single mom who has died, when he steals chocolates at the store.  We also meet Margie, the town sheriff, played by Doris Roberts.


Wylie ran away from his latest foster home.  Margie takes him to Jimmy as a last resort because Wylie reminds her of how Jimmy was as a boy.


We get to see the way the home functions.  Everyone pitches in and they truly are a family.  They prepare supper together while singing, they solve problems as a group, and they truly support each other.  They’re so sweet and amazing. 


The story has all these separate but intersecting plots. 


We have Helen’s learning to make peace with her father as she handles the business matters.  This includes trying to figure out what to do once she realizes the home where the boys live was part of the package the New York company purchased with the department store.  She feels terrible but can’t change it.  She finally decides to gift them the larger home her father had been living in.


Another is the story of Jimmy.  They don’t really get too much into his character other than how charming he is and how truly dedicated he is to the boys.  They are his everything.


There is also the story of Wylie.  Margie is trying to track down Leo, Wylie’s father.  Once she does she finds out he isn’t the father, Jimmy is.


Of course, Jimmy and Wylie are thrilled.  Helen, Jimmy, and the boys all have their happy endings.


Seeing the unique way Jimmy runs the home, the many personalities and quirks of the boys, and Helen’s emotional journey is very uplifting.  I always feel happy after watching this movie.  It’s so well done you can’t help but love it.  Even though it’s older, it’s timeless.



I'd love to hear your thoughts on the movie.  Happy Viewing!


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