Will You Merry Me

“Will you Merry Me?" was released in 2008.  The stars are Wendie Malick, Cynthia Stevenson, Vikki Krinsky, Tommy Lioutas, David Eisner and Patrick McKenna.


This movie is about Rebecca and Hank.  They are ready to marry and must now meet each other’s families, who couldn’t be more different.  Set during Christmas and Hanukkah, the couple must go through the anxiety-filled process of meeting the in-laws.



To read my review click here.   I want to warn you this blog entry contains spoilers.


Rebecca Fine and her parents, Marvin and Suzie, are Jewish.  Her parents live in Los Angeles.  Rebecca lives in New York and works at a store.  The only real reference to her job is that she designed a Christmas window.  We don’t know what Marvin does other than Suzie referring to him as doctor.


Henry Kringle and his parents, Hank and Marilyn, are Christian.  They take Christmas extremely seriously.  They live in Dunston, Wisconsin and Henry’s father is an attorney.  Henry lives in New York and is also an attorney.  Henry has a brother who lives in San Francisco with his partner.  His parents say they are just business partners but the movie lets us know they are romantic partners which may be why they don’t come home for the holidays.


Henry and Rebecca met when they were in New York using the obituaries to find apartments.  They show up for the same one, which is large, and they decide to share it.


Six months later Henry is shopping for earrings as a gift for Rebecca.  As he’s telling the jeweler the story of how they met, he realized he wants to marry Rebecca.  He proposes that night.


Needless to say, since they had only known each other six months, both sets of parents are surprised and not sure how to handle it.  Rebecca’s parents normally spend the holidays in Aspen to get away from all the Christmas everywhere in LA.  Because of the engagement, Rebecca and Henry decide to go together to the Kringle’s house for Christmas.  The Fines decide to make an overnight stop in Dunston to meet Henry and his parents.


Naturally, the Fines, especially Suzie, are immediately taken aback by the Kringles.  Marilyn added what she thought were Hanukkah decorations to welcome them but it just made things more awkward.


After a difficult dinner, where things like not being married by the family priest or a rabbi where discussed, they went to the living room for dessert.  Shock surprise, the power goes out.  The Fine’s plans to stay at a hotel and catch an early flight out are ruined.  With all their luggage at the hotel, they have to make do at the Kringle house.


As if things could not get worse, they couldn’t fly out.  This forces the families to spend more time together.  There are many missteps, including Suzie accidentally killing the town mascot, a reindeer.  Eventually they begin to relate to each other and appreciate their differences.


This movie is so sweet and funny.  It does respect the meaning of the holidays but doesn’t take itself too seriously.




I'd love to hear your thoughts on the movie.  Happy Viewing!


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