Christmas Everlasting

“Christmas Everlasting” was released in 2018.  It stars Tatiana Ali, Dondre T. Whitfield, Dennis Haysbert, and Patti LaBelle.


To read my review click here.   I want to warn you this blog entry contains spoilers.


The main characters are Lucy, a successful New York attorney, her sister Alice, who has some special needs after a brain injury, their uncle Barney, and Lucy’s childhood sweetheart Peter, who is also an attorney.


Following Alice’s passing, Lucy has to spend time in her hometown.  She’s been avoiding it because she blames herself for the accident that caused Alice’s injury and ended her career as a violinist.  While there, Lucy learns more about her sister and her sister’s life.



The story has multiple levels to it that make it so special and evokes emotion.  The first is Lucy’s personal journey and evolution.  Seeing her realize that it’s the people in her life and doing the right thing that matter most makes you reflect on the people and relationships in your life.


There’s also the story of Alice, Lucy’s sister.  Both Alice’s life and Lucy’s absence from it.  Lucy has always felt sorry for Alice.  That’s a pretty common view of people with disabilities.  What Lucy learns is that while Alice’s life was different, and she needed some help, she had an amazing life.  She had people who truly loved her and she knew happiness.  While Lucy is a wealthy and successful attorney, she realizes that Alice is the one who was successful at life.  I love that they emphasize that. 


The women who make up the FOA, friends of Alice, are amazing.  They are so loving and they envelop Lucy and are there for her as she processes all these emotions and grieves.  Of course, the rekindling of Lucy’s friendship then romance with Peter brings a lot more emotion.  Uncle Barney rounds it out.



I’ve written and re-written this for days.  I can’t seem to capture the feelings in words.  It’s as if we are, inwardly, traveling on a parallel emotional journey with Lucy while also being with her on hers.  It’s something special.


If you haven’t seen it, I hope you give it a try.  If you have, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the movie.  Happy Viewing!

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