Crown For Christmas

“Crown For Christmas” was released in 2015.  It stars Danica McKellar and Rupert Penry-Jones.


This movie is about Allie.  She, her sister, and her brother are alone without parents.  Allie and her sister lose their jobs as hotel maids.  Allie is offered a job as a governess in Europe.  She accepts it with the encouragement of her siblings.  There she meets her charge, Theodora, and her father, King Maximillian aka Max.


To read my review click here.   I want to warn you this blog entry contains spoilers.


I’ve decided to change how I do these spotlight movie blogs.  Rather than just giving you a rundown of what happens in it, I’m going to tell you why I love it so much.


Allie is not your average American.  She raised her siblings which taught her how to be strong but loving.  Being a maid, where she had to work hard but not be seen, gave her some idea about what to expect in the palace, or so she thought.


The staff of the castle are an interesting mix of personalities and they keep the movie interesting. 


Seeing Allie bond with Theodora, the sad child who desperately misses her mom and resents all the governesses who are just sad substitutes, is something so sweet and special.  Sharing their stories of loss and overcoming it is moving.


Of course, it has the typical American girl who fall for a European King story line but I don’t care.  This movie shows him more as just Max.  A widower who loves his daughter and is trying to do what’s right for her.  That’s what separates this from the typical civilian and royal romantic movie.


This movie doesn’t have a lot of drama.  It handles situations with a light touch.  That may be part of why I like it.  There’s emotion and I felt invested in the characters and truly cared about them but I’m able to just relax and enjoy it.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it but I can say I’m nowhere close to being tired of it.  It’s ones of those I enjoy watching over and over again.  I hope you give it a try.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on the movie.  Happy Viewing!


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