When I Went Caroling

Christmas Caroling


I went Christmas caroling only once but I loved it.  We got a variety of neighbors together who wanted to do it.  I made up song sheets with the words for everyone.  We even practiced.  I played piano so we practiced at my house.  I think the practicing was even more fun than the caroling.  There was so much love and laughter in my house.  Neighbors that had been friends became family.  There was a tangible joy in the air.


When the night finally came we recruited my brother.  He was in band in high school and played the trumpet, as all our neighbors were painfully aware (I’m just kidding bro).  But really, it was loud and the houses were very close together in this community.


We started out on our journey.  When we got to the first house my brother played a little to let the people know we were there.  When the people came out we started singing.  Were we great singers?  Not really.  Did anyone care?  Absolutely not.  The people were so surprised to have carolers and they were all smiling ear to ear, as were we. 


My  only regret is that we didn’t continue the tradition.  I don’t remember why but I still keep the memories of that time close to my heart.

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