My Personal Christmas Tree

My Personal Christmas Tree


The first thing you should know is that I’m a little odd.  I’m sure if you’re reading this you already know that.  My family had our Christmas tree in front of the window in the living room.  My mom always did the lights, my brother and I got to help untangle and test them.  For you younger readers, back in the day, if one light bulb on the strand didn’t work the whole lot didn’t work.  That meant that you’d plug them in and if it didn’t light up you had to check each individual bulb.  That was the worst part of decorating for the holidays. 


After mom put on the lights my brother and I would work with her to put on the ornaments.  Here is where the problems began.  We had family ornaments but my brother and I also had our own.  My grandmother gave us each an ornament every year plus we got and were given others.  I had very specific ideas about where ornaments should go and how the garland should be put on. 


After several years of arguing with them about them doing it wrong because my way was the right way, of course, I used my own money to buy an artificial 4-foot tree.  I put it in my room.  I did my own lights, ornaments, and garland.  Then of course I felt that wasn’t enough.  I strung lights around the windows and the mirror.  I got my own Nativity scene to set up in my room.  It was full on Christmas.


While I still helped decorate the family tree, having all my ornaments on my own tree was so special.  And being in my room with it all decorated gave me my own amazing Christmas.  

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