Chandler Family Series

The Chandler Family Series


This series includes five movies.  They are

(1)        Marry Me For Christmas (2013)

(2)        Marry Us For Christmas (2014)

(3)        A Baby For Christmas (2015)

(4)        Merry Christmas, Baby (2016)

(5)        Chandler Christmas Getaway (2018)


The main stars are Malinda Williams as Marci, Karon Riley as Blair (Marci’s enemy turned boyfriend turned husband), Victoria Rowell as Stephanie (Marci’s mom), Deeta West as Myra (Stephanie’s siter and Marci’s aunt), Gregory Alan Williams as Donald (Myra’s husband), Chyrstale Wilson as Elizabeth (sister to Stephanie and Myra), Tamara Bass as Dana (Myra and Donald’s daughter) and Nadej K Bailey as Denny (the adopted daughter of Myra and Donald).  See the family tree to make clear sense of this.


The movie is about the Chandler family.  It centers around Marci Jewel, her boyfriend then husband and their baby, her mother, and her aunts and uncles.


In the first movie, Marci is coming home, to Atlanta, for Christmas.  She has her employee, Adam, come with her so she could be home and they could work together.  Of course, she has to promise to give him a doubled Christmas bonus.  Her mother mistakes him for her boyfriend.  They then end up with the family thinking they’re engaged and the go along with the deception to spare her mother.


This movie introduces us to the whole family which is a true matriarchy.  Adam is, of course, a bad guy and she figures it out.  Over the course of the movie Blair goes from enemy to love that was right in front of her.


As each movie goes along we get to know the family better and become more entangled in all of their struggles, joy, and special Christmas traditions.


The main plot of each movie is: Marry us for Christmas is Marci and Blair getting married, A Baby For Christmas is Marci and Blair having their baby, Merry Christmas, Baby is about Chandler‘s first Christmas, and Chandler Christmas Getaway is the whole family traveling to a cabin for Christmas.


I’ll be the first to admit that when I first saw “Marry Me For Christmas” I wasn’t super enthralled.  What makes each movie special is that they are part of the whole.  The more I watch them the more I love them.  It’s become an annual tradition to watch all of them in a row.  There are very dramatic moments, comedic moments, and lovely moments.  I suggest trying the series.  Hopefully you’ll love this family as much as I do.  I’d love to hear what you think.  Happy watching.



Saturday 12/12/20

3 pm: Marry Me For Christmas (UPtv)

5 pm: Marry Us For Christmas (UPtv)

7 pm: A Baby For Christmas (UPtv)

9 pm: Merry Christmas Baby (UPtv)

11 pm: Chandler Christmas Getaway (UPtv)

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