The Christmas Card

 "The Christmas Card" was released in 2006.  The main stars are John Newton, Alice Evans, and Ed Asner.


This movie is about Cody, a US soldier, who receives an inspirational Christmas card from Faith as part of her church group.  After returning stateside on leave to return the dog tags of a fallen friend to the friend’s fiancé, Cody visits the town to see the image of it he’s held close while serving. 


It’s also about Faith and her family.  Faith is a kind person who is very close to her family.  She lives with her parents and works with them at their mill along with her uncle.  They are integral parts of their small community. Her father, a Vietnam veteran, immediately likes Cody and wants him for Faith.  The only problem is Faith is honoring her commitment to her ever-absent boyfriend Paul who travels as a wine broker.


To read my review click here.   I want to warn you this blog entry contains spoilers.


This movie is one of my all-time favorites.  I watch it at least three times a year.  I never get tired of it.  The town and the people are the kind of place I’d love to live.  It’s quite difficult to put the magic of it into words as the simplicity is the most amazing part.  I will give it my best.


When we first see Cody, he’s overseas at Christmastime and clearly a loner.  We later learn his father was killed in Vietnam and his mother died when he was still a teen.  She was his only family.  You can almost feel the loneliness in him, even when surrounded by people.


One of the men who serves with him, Jonesy, who Cody clearly cares very much for, gives Cody a Christmas card.  Jonesy’s church group sent a bunch of cards for him to share with his fellow soldiers.  We see how touched Cody is by the message in the card, written by Faith.


We then see the soldiers unloading medical supplies when they are attacked and Jonesy is killed.  It’s not at all graphic.  What they do focus on is Cody’s face.  He’s cared about another person and another person was taken from him.


Next, Cody’s commander orders him to return stateside for a break and to return the dog tags.  It’s now almost Christmas again.  We briefly see Cody’s pain as he returns the dog tags to Jonesy’s fiancé.


One of the best moments of the movie is the meet cute between Cody and Faith.  Cody stops at a diner and orders lunch.  When he goes to the restroom to wash his hands, Faith comes in to pick up her to go order, which is the same meal Cody ordered.  She sees it sitting on a plate and calls for Molly to ask why it isn’t packed to go.  She pours ketchup on the fries and starts eating only to be handed her lunch and realize she has the wrong one.  The meeting is very brief but sparks fly.


Cody checks into a hotel and goes to the church for a service where he meets Faith’s father Luke.  After the service Luke tries to stop Cody and almost gets hit by a car but is saved by Cody.  The family insists he come for dinner and to stay the night.  Before dinner is served Luke has gotten Cody to stay for the holidays and help out at the mill.


As the movie goes on, we see Cody clearly loves Faith.  We also get to see Faith go back and forth with her commitment to Paul and her feelings for Cody.  Paul, of course, realizes he has an opponent in Cody and finally proposes.  Faith says yes.  I won’t say how they resolve this.  I want you to experience it.


I find it difficult to explain why I love this movie so much.  I love the people, both the family and the townsfolk.  I love the beautiful scenery.  I love the kindness of everyone.  To me, watching this movie brings the same comfort of being wrapped in a warm blanket on a cold night.  It reminds me, in a world with so much division and hate, that there is good and there is love.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on the movie.  Happy Viewing!


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