The Spirit of Christmas

"The Spirit of Christmas" was released in 2015.  The main stars are Thomas Beaudoin and Jen Lilley.

This movie is about Kate, an attorney, who is all logic.  She gets assigned to get a supposedly haunted inn appraised and sold by the end of the year.  Of course, logic says there’s no such thing as ghosts.


It’s also about Daniel.  He is the ghost who has lived at the inn for 95 years.  For an unknown reason, he returns to life every December for the twelve days of Christmas. 


Once she believes he’s a ghost, Kate takes it upon herself to try to break the curse holding Daniel to the house.


To read my review click here.   I want to warn you this blog entry contains spoilers.


I am aware of how bizarre this description sounds.  When I first read it, I was sure the movie would be a complete waste of time.  I was so wrong.  The beauty of this movie is that every time I watch it, I love it even more.


We get to watch Kate go from an uptight nonbeliever to a confused wonderer to a believer. We also get to see her go from an all logical all business person to a true romantic.


Daniel would make anyone swoon.  The hairdo and clothing they chose for him truly set the mood for the time period he lived in.  It helps the viewer see him as someone from almost a hundred years ago.  The script does a great job of making him sound that way as well.


It also helps when you can visually see the inn that looks like it’s from another time contrasted with Kate’s modern clothing, cell phone, etc.


When Kate first arrives at the inn, she finds the appraiser peeling away in his car.  She is then greeted by Rafferty, the caretaker.  He explains to her that he’s leaving and the inn is closed for the twelve days.  She stays anyway.  By the next day, after two calls to the police, Daniel proves to her he’s a ghost.  That is more than the overly analytical Kate can walk away from.  All Daniel wants is to be left alone but Kate is intrigued.


Slowly, Daniel’s story about how he got stuck in the inn unfolds.  The kicker is that he doesn’t even know how he died or what the significance of the twelve days is.  Despite this, he agrees to let Kate and Rafferty help him try to figure it out.


Unfortunately, Daniel isn’t the only ghost at the inn.  We don’t find out who the other ghost is until the end but we do know that he doesn’t want Kate there and he scares her.  Luckily Daniel is there to protect her which helps him see her as vulnerable and adds to their blossoming romance.


Throughout everything, Kate and Daniel fall in love.  It’s done so delicately and gradually it’s incredible.  We get to see both of them evolve individually as the evolve as a couple.


We do find out who the other ghost is, how Daniel died, and why twelve days.


In the end, Rafferty buys the inn so Daniel can still safely be there for his twelve days and Kate promises to spend those twelve days with him every year.


I’m not going to spoil the ending.  If you want to know if they’re able to be together each year you’ll have to watch.


Like I said earlier, every time I see it, I love it more.  If you get a chance to see this movie, I believe you'll love it as much as I do. 


I'd love to hear your thoughts on the movie.  Happy Viewing!


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