Christmas in July

Happy Christmas in July everyone!  This year seems to be simultaneously flying by and moving at a glacial pace thanks to the COVID quarantine.  I'm so excited to be enjoying Christmas movies on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and I can't wait for the Hallmark ones to start.


I opened up this post to your questions.  Here are the first three I received.

(1) christmas.autumn_: How do you stay Christmassy in the summer?

Because I live where it is warm all year, the weather isn't a factor for me like it is for so many.  What makes me feel Christmassy is truly the movies.  I feel like I get transported to the magic and joy and just feel like it's Christmas.  

(2) Tinsel Jollybum: Is it possible to determine how many of the people who celebrate Christmas, also celebrate Christmas in July?  I wish I had the magic to answer this.  There's no way to even determine how many people globally celebrate Christmas.  I will say that many who celebrate Christmas in July are simply watching the movies.  They don't put out all their decorations and have parties.  

(3) Jasper Jinglebottom: Best Christmas foods to enjoy in the summer

There are really only two foods for me that are solely for Christmas.  Those are Christmas cookies and candy canes.  My grandmother and mother baked cookies that I've never seen anywhere else so those immediately bring back so many memories and take me straight towards feeling Christmas.  Unfortunately, they can't bake them now as my grandmother has passed and my mother isn't able.  My friend did send me a fresh box of candy canes that I'm enjoying as I celebrate with my movies.


Thank you all for your questions and topic ideas.  I'd love to hear from more of you and answer any questions you have.  Not just about Christmas in July.


I'm going to keep updating the movie schedule as Hallmark has been making some changes to their line-up.  I hope you'll join me in watching them.


Until we meet again......

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