Halfway Through June

I hope this finds you well.  People are venturing out as businesses are opening.  I'm choosing to stay home and only leave when absolutely necessary.  So far that's once since the end of February.  Luckily I'm happy watching my Christmas movies. 


It's 9 days until we reach 6 months to Christmas!  The halfway mark.  It's exciting for me because that's my birthday!  Which means Christmas is my half birthday!


I did add a personal Amazon wish list on the bottom of the website.  Please don't feel any obligation to share a movie with me.  I did it because people were asking.


I also looked into putting links to Amazon so when you read a review you could go directly to it if you wanted to purchase it for yourself.  Unfortunately, doing that for over 900 movies was daunting and I decided not to.  If it's something you're interested in, please let me know.  If enough people want it, I will tackle it.


I'm eagerly looking forward to Hallmark's Christmas in July.  I have the movies listed in my Christmas schedule.  The page is listed at the top of the website.  As much as I appreciate the weekly Christmas movies, there's still something exciting about having them available all day.



Here is my progress so far for 2020: I've watched 196 Christmas movies and I now have 909 Christmas movie reviews.  I also have watched 21 holiday movies and I have 213 holiday/seasonal movie reviews.  I'm continuing to watch new movies but I also enjoy watching my favorites.


I'd love to hear from you!  Until we meet again.....

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