Happy June

I hope this message finds you all well.  I know with everything going on right now everyone is feeling stressed and some are a little overwhelmed.  I wish I had magic words to make it all better for you but my only magic word is "Christmas".  I find that escaping into Christmas movies where everyone is happy and things always work out is good for me.  I read an article (I didn't keep it and now can't remember who published it) but they said that in a world full of change and chaos, watching movies you've seen before where you know what's going to happen can actually be soothing and relaxing.  I certainly agree with that.  I hope you're all finding little ways to cope with it all.


June is my birthday month.  Funny enough, my birthday is the 25th so Christmas is my half birthday.  I guess loving Christmas is in my dna.  lol.  Someone sent me two of the videos off my wish list as an early birthday present and it brought me so much joy I wanted to cry.  The kindness of others is always special.  This year my birthday celebration will be at home.  Our tradition is a movie and eating out but we are still avoiding restaurants and movie theaters.  Maybe I'll do a marathon of some of my Christmas favorites.


We are all having to change how we live, some in small ways and some in drastic ways.  The important thing is that we all continue to show each other respect, kindness, and dignity.  Stay safe and be well!

Until we meet again.....

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