Happy May

I hope this finds you all well.  I finally left the house a few days ago after 85 days at home.  It was definitely weird.  There were so many cars on the road and people out and about it felt like before the virus.  Still, it was good to get out.


I'm continuing to watch new movies and adding reviews to the site.  I have 895 reviews posted and a few more ready to add.  I've watched 174 Christmas movies so far in 2020.  That, of course, includes movies I've watched before.  I have, however, slowed down this month.  I think I needed a short break to add some other kinds of movies in there.  Like a palate cleanser before Christmas in July starts.  


I've also added a link to my Christmas movie wish list on Amazon.  A few people were asking if there were movies I wanted and didn't have so I created it and I'm sharing the link.


Stay well and be safe!  Until we meet again....

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