And Quarantine Continues

Well, we are on what feels like day 1,000 of the stay at home orders for non-essential workers.  I'm used to being home most days but I imagine it must be difficult when you're used to be out and about.  I'm really sad to see how quickly we've gone from gratitude for doctors, nurses, teachers, grocery workers, etc. to anger and protests.  I wish we could all be united in our stand against this virus.  I don't know how long all of it will last but I wish each of you peace of mind and heart as we travel this road together.


My mother and I were going to be flying out to Colorado this week to visit my brother and his family for my niece's birthday but that won't be happening now.  We're okay with that.  We miss them but it isn't worth the risk.  I'd rather miss a birthday and be around for years of birthdays to come.


In the meantime, I've been watching movies.  I've been taking advantage of a few cable channels that let their movies be seen for free.  I've watched Winchester, Poms, and a few more.  It's been nice.  I really appreciate them sharing that with us.


I've also been watching Christmas movies, of course.  I'm up to 884 Christmas movie reviews on the website.  Even I couldn't have predicted that number.  I had my high school reunion in October and I was talking about how excited I was to get over the 700 mark.  Six months later and I'm approaching 900.  I never would've guessed.  I love that I can even surprise myself.


I'd love to know what you'd like to hear about in my blog entries.  Do you have any questions for me?  Christmas or personal?  You can leave a comment or email me.  For now, please stay safe and well my friends.


Until we meet again....



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