Well, yesterday was Easter.  Sadly, it felt like any other day.  Still, I'm grateful.  If being home and feeling like it's an ordinary day was the worst part of the day, I'm lucky.  For so many essential workers it was another long and hard day.  I'm so grateful for everyone who is risking their health in order to help the rest of us get the food, medicine, and other things we need.  I appreciate that TV channels are playing ads to thank these heroes.  Hallmark even has their stars taping thank you messages from home.


That being said, there's one group that no one is publicly thanking.  Our teachers.  Teachers in Kindergarten through 12th grade have been forced to, virtually overnight with no training and little guidance, create a virtual education with curriculum that's not meant to be taught that way.  They are working hard to help parents and students while taking care of their own children at home.  The other teachers are those working in child care centers.  Without them, many essential workers wouldn't be able to work.  They are working hard under extreme circumstances and often they are only paid minimum wage.  If you know a teacher, please thank them.  If you know a child care center near you that's open, send them food or some form of thank you.


I'm continuing to watch Christmas movies, although I have taken a break to watch the Hallmark spring movies and a couple of Easter movies so I could add those reviews for you.  I now have 877 Christmas reviews posted.  For 2020, I've watched 147 Christmas movies.  I thought I'd be further along by now but 147 is nothing to sneeze at. LOL


I hope you're all staying safe and well.  I appreciate those of you who have reached out to me through e-mail.  I love hearing from you.  It makes doing this mean even more to me.  Please continue to stay well and enjoy the Christmas movies.

Until we meet again.....

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