Elf On The Shelf

A newer holiday tradition is The Elf On The Shelf. Every morning I’d see posts of “Sprinkles” The Elf and her love notes and I’d think, ugh. They were so saccharine they drove me crazy. As a result, I decided to seek revenge on my friends. I bought my own elf and named him Naughty. I took pictures of him snorting cocoa, throwing money at Barbie on a stripper pole, buying drugs, etc.  Much to my combined delight and chagrin, people loved them. Apparently we’re friends for a reason. Lol. So the next year people were asking me months in advance if I would do it again. I had to come up with some idea to do with the elf. I decided on 80s songs. I posed Naughty with props and made people guess the songs. The following year I did the same concept but with idioms. Last year I didn’t have the time so I did best of posts. Now it’s another year. I’m trying to think of a theme that won’t be too difficult or take too much time. It’s trickier than you think. I had thought about doing a “Where In The World Is” but how to you give the information so people can figure it out without it being too easy or boring. I’m tossing a couple of ideas around. I guess we’ll just have to see. Until we meet again.......

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