Christmas Cards

As I finished my Christmas cards i began thinking (I know that’s a scary thought).  Why don’t many people send cards anymore?  The only answer I could come up with was social media. Friends used to send photo cards of theirchildren, or put photos in cards, and some even still wrote letters. I wonder if people figure we see their children online and we’re connected all year so it isn’t necessary. I don’t agree. Mostpeople don’t share a lot of personal things. There’s tons of politics, funny memes, and superficial updates, but not true personal connections. Christmas cards with photos and/or letters connect usin a special way. There’s a feeling of I’m, as an individual, important enough to this person for them to go to this trouble and send me good wishes and share a bit of themselves with me. That’s somuch more than just posting something for people in general to see. I believe that’s why the tradition of sending cards is so important to me. I’m grateful for the ones I receive and I hope the onesI send bring a little joy to my loved ones. Until we meet again........

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