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Previous Trivia Questions

In “A Christmas Story”, who gets their tongue stuck to the flagpole?

Answer: Flick

In the 2004 Christmas comedy Christmas with the Kranks, which two actors play the movie's leads, Mrs. and Mr. Krank?

Answer: Jamie Lee Curtis and Tim Allen

In the 1994 version of Miracle on 34th Street, at what department store does Kris Kringle work at? 

Answer: Coles

In The Christmas Carol, many years before his visit did Marley die?

Answer: 7



What does Alvin, of the Chipmunks, want for Christmas?

Answer: a hula hoop



Which two famous actresses swap homes at Christmas time in the 2006 film The Holiday?

Answer: Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz



In the movie Four Christmases, on which day is Brad and Kate's child born?

Answer: New Year's Day



Who directed the 1946 classic Christmas film It's a Wonderful Life? 

Answer: Frank Capra



In what state does A Christmas Story take place?

Answer: Indiana

In what famous mall was Jingle All The Way filmed?

Answer: Mall of America

In “Elf”, what was The Code of Elves’ first rule?

Answer: Treat every day like Christmas